Terms & Conditions

First Aid Training Courses

Individuals on public First Aid courses: All applicable course fees must be paid in full prior to course commencement, to secure placement and admission on to the course. 

Business customers with employee’s on Links Training general courses: (Refer to general terms and condition) Business/Organisation: Group Bookings for Links Training: (Refer to General terms and conditions)

Electrical workers compliance programme (EWCP) training including CPR and basic First Aid

Invoicing: Links Training (2008) Ltd will invoice your organisation/workplace on confirmation of your training. Payment must be received within seven days from the date of invoice. EWRB requires your training to be registered within seven days of completing the training. 

Wallet certificates will be issued at the completion of training, however the registration of competency to the EWRB will not be registered until payment has been received.

NZRC CORE Health & Dental Professional Training

Invoicing: Links Training (2008) Ltd will invoice your organisation/workplace on confirmation of training. Payment must be received within seven days form the training session date.

Certificates will be given out on training day, however paperwork will not be actioned to appropriate authorities until payment of invoice has been received.
NOTE: Late payment of invoices will incur 2.5% interest, compounding each month of late payment, plus $10.00 administration fee and collection costs.


If you have received a brochure from us please note that the fees in the brochures are correct at the time of printing and maybe subject to change. Please call our office for any updated fees.

All cancellations/termination of contracts must be made in writing, either by letter, fax or email.

Training Provider Cancellation due to Course Numbers: Links Training (2008) Ltd reserves the right to cancel courses if necessary. Every effort will be made to give attendees no less than 5 working days’ notice. Links Training (2008) Ltd will not be responsible for any costs incurred to students/organisations due to course cancellation.

Refund Policy (where applicable): No refunds will be given for students who do not attend their course without prior cancellation, and when re-booking onto another course this will incur the full course fee. A student who cancels on the day of the course is not entitled to a refund but rebooking is allowed. See rebooking terms and conditions.

To request a refund or credit, please apply in writing to: Links Training (2008) Ltd, 

PO Box 78, Levin 5540 Or, Email: training@links-ltd.co.nz

Please state the reason why the refund or credit should be made. Refunds will only be made to the person or organisation that made the original payment.

Re-Booking: A student is entitled to two complimentary re-bookings, if they postpone before 5 working days prior to the commencement of the course. If students postpone within 5 working days of the course, a $20 administration fee will be incurred. A $20 fee maybe charged for any further additional re-bookings.

Cancellations/Termination of Contract: The following administration fee will apply to all cancellations: 

Cancellation received 11 working days or more before the course – No Charge. 
Cancellation received between 10 to 6 working days before the course – 25% of the course cost. 
Cancellation received 5 working days or less before the course – 50% of the course cost. 
Cancellation on the day (without notification) – 100% of the course cost. 
People who have booked and fail to show on the day will incur 100% of the course costs.

Important Course Information

Please make sure you are on time! Please arrive 10 minutes prior to the start time: If you arrive more than 30 minutes late for the course you will not be admitted to the course. Attendance, participation and successful assessments during each module are mandatory for certification.

Dress code: We suggest that you wear loose-fitting casual clothing, as the practical nature of the course requires students to kneel on the floor. Trousers and flat shoes are recommended.

NZQA and Unit Standards: The First Aid training unit standards will be registered with NZQA on receipt of payment for your training.

To enable us to register the credits: If you are already registered with NZQA the name you are registered under is required along with your NSN number or date of birth. 

If you are not already registered with NZQA your name and date of birth is required. 

Please note: It is now an NZQA requirement that credits be registered within 3 months of completing training. If payment is received after the 3 month period credits can not be registered.

Disabilities and Physical Requirements: The majority of the course is practical and involves group participation. Practice during the class involves touching and being touched. You will be required to demonstrate to the tutor that you are physically able to perform set First Aid tasks. If you are unable to perform cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) on the floor long enough for the tutor to assess competency, then you may not meet the requirements for the First Aid Certificate.

New Zealand Certificates: Terms & Conditions

Payment Options 

National Certificate Administration and Training Material Fee: This fee is required when submitting training agreement to Links Training by all National Certificate Trainees. This fee is non-refundable.

Individuals on National Certificate Training: Will be invoiced on submission of assessments, payment will be on the 20th of the following month of date of invoice. Payment can be made via internet banking or Cheque. Please make cheques payable to Links Training (2008) Ltd.

One on One Tutorials for Individuals: An invoice will be sent for the time spent on individual one of one tutorials. If the workplace is responsible for payment of tutorials this must be part of the contract with the workplace.

Training Agreement

Signed Training Agreements: All trainees will have a training agreement, which will be signed by trainees and their employer, agreeing to use Links Training as their Training Provider. This agreement also means the employers have agreed to submit verification forms throughout their employees training.

Organisation: Along with the Training Agreement a memorandum of understanding will outline the roles and responsibilities of all parties.

Training Agreement “On hold”: Training agreements can be placed “On hold” if a trainee has welfare issues or workplace requirements, mean that trainees are unable to complete any assessments for a period of time. The training agreements can be placed on hold for a period of up to six months. Trainees must notify Links Training in writing (email/letter/fax). Individuals must have the approval in writing that their workplace have agreed to trainees putting their training agreement on hold. Links Training will require a copy of the workplace approval for their trainees file.

Termination of Training Agreement: The following are the reasons for terminating a Training Agreement between the trainee and Links Training:
  1. Unemployment: If trainees leave a workplace and they have no employer to carry out their workplace verification forms. Trainees will have up to 12 months to reinstate their training agreement with a new employer, this will incur a minimum Administration Fee of $50 incl GST. Any new training agreements after the 12 month period will incur full Administration and Training material costs.
  2.  Inactive Trainee: When a trainee has been inactive for a period exceeding six months, which means they have not submitted any assessment during this period and Links Training has made every attempt possible to make contact with the trainee then their Training agreement will be terminated.
Change of Contact details: Trainees must advise Links Training either by email, fax or letter, when they change their address or contact details. This will ensure Links Training has the most up to date information on their trainees.

General: Terms & Conditions

Business customers with Employee’s on Links Training general courses: 
Purchase Order number (if applicable) or an authorised signature must be sent in writing (post, fax or email) to approve payment of invoice.

Invoices will be sent after the training date.
Payment can be made via internet banking or cheque. Please make cheques payable to:
Links Training (2008) Ltd.
Payment is due by the 20th of the month following the invoice. 

Business/Organisation: Group Bookings
A contract will be sent to the organisation for signing, and is to be signed and returned to Links Training prior to the training date. Invoices will be sent after the training date.

Payment can be made via internet banking or cheque.
Please make cheques payable to Links Training (2008) Ltd.
Payment is due by the 20th of the month following the invoice.

Credit Registration: NZQA and Career Force Credits that individuals have completed and have been assessed as competent, will not be registered with the respective governing bodies until credits have been invoiced and paid.

Certificates: Certificates will be issued when the following conditions have been meet:

Certificates will be sent electronically unless otherwise requested.
  1. Individuals have successfully completed the training.
  2. Payment has been received in full.
  3. First Aid Revalidating Training: When assessment booklets has been received within 10 days on completion of training, and the assessment has been assessed and marked as competent. Note: You will be notified if your assessment booklet is assessed as non-competent in writing and no certificate will be issued.

Telephone Calls: Students are asked not to make arrangements to receive incoming calls or text messages during class time, unless it is a matter of urgency. Otherwise all cell phones are required to be turned off.

Language: All training is conducted in English. Students are expected to have a basic knowledge and understanding in English.

Learning Barriers: If attendees have any barriers that may impact on their learning, please contact the office when booking to discuss your needs. Links Training (2008) Ltd will take all practicable steps to ensure the learning needs of all trainees are meet. If support people are required please discuss this with us.

Illness: If you have any disabilities, or an illness, which you feel may affect your performance during the course, please raise your concerns to the tutor, or contact Links Training office where you booked your place on the course to discuss your concerns prior to course commencement.
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