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Health and Safety

Health and safety (H & S) in your workplace can help to keep yourself and your employees happy and productive, and most importantly keep people safe. 

Our health and safety courses are designed to meet the needs of the workplace and the requirements of Worksafe New Zealand and Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment.  

Whether needing to understand and practise H & S at work , or develop a H & S Management Plan,  we can tailor the learning specifically to meet your workplace needs. Choose from any of the NZQA unit standards below.

Distance learning
*Flexibility - Study in your own time
*Assessor support - Friendly staff a phone call or email  away if you need assistance
*Fully trained, competent and passionate staff
Please note:  a  $70.00 enrolment fee applies for new enrollments to Links.
US 497: Demonstrate knowledge of workplace health and safety requirements
Level 1 (3 credits)
Identify and describe legislative rights and responsibilities for workplace health and safety; describe the systems approach to workplace health and safety; and explain how hazards are defined in the HSE Act.
Fees: $160.00
US 17593: Apply safe work practices in the workplace 
Level 2 (4 credits)
Identify and apply clear communication methods; identify principles of workplace safety and apply safe work practices. 
 Fees: $195.00
 An Introduction to Health & Safety Certificate - Level 1 
This certificate consists of one assessment for two unit standards 497 & 17593. 
Fees: $270.00 (normally $355.00)
US 30265: Apply health and safety risk assessment to the job role (replaces US 17602)
Level 3 (8 credits) 
Describe the principles of health and safety risk assessment; and apply health and safety risk assessment to the job role in accordance with regulatory requirements and industry good practice.
 Fees: $210.00
 US 15189: Implement a health and safety plan of a workplace
Level 4 (4 credits)
 Understand health and safety regulations and apply a prepared health and safety plan to a particular workplace. Identify workplace responsibilities arising out of health and safety legislation; apply a health and safety plan, report an occurrence of serious harm, and prepare to manage emergencies in a specified workplace.
 Fees: $200.00
 US 17601: Conduct an occupational health and safety incident investigation
Level 4 (6 credits)
Explain why workplace accidents need to be reported and investigated; explain the concepts of a multiple causation and root-cause analysis; detail an incident investigation process using a hypothetical incident; and produce an incident investigation report based on a documented incident.
 Fees: $220.00
 US 5616: Develop and implement a hazard management system for a selected business operation
Level 4 (10 credits)
 Develop and implement a hazard management system for a selected business. Describe a hazard management system; develop and implement a hazard identification programme; assess hazards and risks; develop and implement hazard controls; and describe systems for monitoring hazards; and monitor a hazard management system.
 Fees: $345.00
 US 17459: Demonstrate and apply knowledge of safe manual handling practices in the workplace
Level 3 (3 credits)
Demonstrate basic knowledge of types of manual handling risks; describe injury risk reduction measures for manual handling; use safe manual handling practices with and without mechanical aids.  
 Fees: $160.00
 US 5619: Conduct an occupational health and safety management systems audit for a selected business operation
Level 4 (15 credits)
Work with health and safety professionals to undertake an occupational health and safety (OHS) audit. Demonstrate knowledge of New Zealand OHS management standards; plan an OHS management systems audit; conduct an OHS management systems audit; and document and report results of an OHS management systems audit, for a selected business operation.
 Fees: $345.00
 US 29315 Describe the role and function of the Health and Safety Representative in a New Zealand workplace.
Level 3 (2 credits)
The purpose of this standard is for representatives to explain and demonstrate the overall role and functions of a Health and Safety Representative in a New Zealand workplace under the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015. 
 Fees: $287.50
 US 19521: Demonstrate knowledge of the requirements of the Health and Safety at work Act 2015
Level 4 (5 credits)
Describe the intention and coverage of the HSWA; demonstrate knowledge of duties and responsibilities for health and safety ( H & S) in the workplace; outline the legally required H & S systems in the workplace; and demonstrate knowledge of the administration and enforcement requirements of the HSWA
Fees: $250.00

  • At all times in my dealings with Links Training, Lesley has been extremely easy to work with, nothing has been too much trouble, and their level of training has been first rate.




  • I would like to thank you and your team for last evening's training. Once again Roger was his excellent self and made the time fly by. Warren was full of useful information and very professional. As a health & safety manager I attend a lot of courses and do not particularly like doing them in the evening but your team made it more than bearable.

    Ashley Williamson | New Zealand Army – Linton


  • I thought the course was excellent. The instructor was the best I’ve had yet, and I can honestly say now it all makes so much sense and I’m 2000% confident that should I encounter a situation where my first aid knowledge is required I will have no trouble providing it. Everyone I spoke to said they were pleased someone could make an otherwise rather unexciting topic actually rather interesting and clear.

    Lindsey Ross Zenith Fitness – Tremaine Avenue, Palmerston North


  • Links Training provide outstanding training to staff within the organisation. Their trainers are knowledgeable, engage effectively with the staff, and provide a memorable learning experience where staff come away with enhanced knowledge and skills. Links Training ensure that learning is aligned with specific requirements of our organisation, so it's directly relevant to our staff. All of Links staff are approachable, knowledgeable, and are flexible to the needs of our organisation. We continue to use Links Training due to the high calibre of their training, their efficiency, and their communication around our training needs.

    Sarah Francis, Learning and Development Advisor MASH


  • I thought the instructor was brilliant, the way she ran the training was professional, fun and informative. She related to all the attendees and put up with our jokes and had a couple of good ones herself.
    I was impressed how she supported those struggling with some of the concepts and practical requirements and also recognising if they were still struggling, then would take them into another room as though not to embarrass them and then come back and complete the tasks successfully in front of the group. A great skill indeed. I would recommend Links Training to anyone looking for training in First Aid.

    Ross Hofmann, Team Leader ID Services MASH


  • Your instructor was really good. He had a great instructing persona and was able to cater to all the different capabilities of the class. Well impressed and enjoyed what could have been a boring class.

    Sergeant Ben James, Instructor, School of Military Engineering, New Zealand Army


  • We have used Links Training for all our First Aid requirements and re-validation course for many years. We find the staff knowledgeable, up to date with all changes and our staff really enjoy their participation in the course. We use it as a team building evening and have a shared dinner during the training which helps lift all our spirits. Very happy to recommend them to other schools who wish to keep their staff with a valid First Aid Certificate

    Linda Sherlock, Deputy Principal Waiopehu College


  • On behalf of the cancer Society Central Districts Division our thanks and sincerest appreciation to our wonderful trainer on the day. We all found him incredibly enlightening and gave a new meaning to First Aid training as I have known it. We were kept engaged and found a joy to participate to the very end of the day.

    Many thanks Sheryll


  • We have found Links Training Ltd to be extremely flexible given our needs, they have accommodated those needs in a manner that has both worked well for staff and has decreased some of the stresses for staff who are working full time and training. The delivery of the training has been relevant, interactive and supportive for staff. With a staff of 70, many are at different skill and qualification levels and Links Training has managed this in a very professional, proactive and positive manner.

    Maxine Dale CEO The Ryder-Chesire Foundation